15 Vegan Documentaries Every Person Should Watch

15 Vegan Documentaries Every Person Should Watch

Veganism can improve your life significantly with its incredible health benefits, reduced carbon footprint, and numerous unique and efficient ways of using available resources.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more people are switching to a vegan lifestyle.

A massive 65% of people globally have incorporated plant-based foods and beverages into their diets, and this number is only set to grow as veganism, and its benefits become more well-known.

Some of the increased awareness of the benefits of the vegan diet can be attributed to a number of documentaries out there that are motivating people to make the switch.

These vegan documentaries are playing a vital role in educating the people on why switching to a vegan diet is the best choice for them.

We have listed down 15 of the best vegan documentaries that you should definitely watch.

While most companies may not want you to know how an animal-based diet can be harmful to you and the environment, these documentaries might serve as a gateway to reality. 

1. Cowspiracy


Cowspiracy might be the turning point in your life like it has been for many former meat consumers. This documentary highlights the hidden truth of how animal agriculture is affecting the environment.

It focuses on how the practice of large-scale animal farming has led to environmental issues like water shortages, climate change, and ocean dead zones.

This documentary will surely leave you wondering whether that steak is really worth it.

2. What the Health

What The Health

What the Health is a hard-hitting documentary by the same brains that made Cowspiracy. This documentary talks about the numerous health benefits that a plant-based diet is associated with.

What the Health is jaw-dropping and a quite bold documentary that names many official organizations that are reluctant to point out how an animal-based diet is dangerous for a person’s health.

The entire motive behind this documentary is to highlight the truth about the pharmaceutical industry – that it’s an industry that is nothing but a cash cow, hungry for money!

3. Maximum Tolerated Dose

Maximum Tolerated Dose

Have you ever seen a label on a product that says ‘Tested on Animals’? Do you what that means?

Well, before a product, be it pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or an edible is introduced to the market, it is tested on animals to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.

What you may not know is that animals are treated ruthlessly during these testing procedures.

Maximum Tolerated Dose is a heart-wrenching documentary that brings into light the suffering of these animals. It also has shocking testimonials from scientists and lab staff that have lived through it but decided to go vegan for good!

4. Earthlings


Earthlings is a vegan documentary that might be a little hard for you to watch. It has serious, graphic footage that shows the violence that animals have to face.

If you think you can handle it, it can be a real eye-opener for you. It exposes how badly the animals are treated in testing labs, pet stores, puppy mills, etc.

This documentary has real footage that has been collected through hidden cameras. Trust us when we say – big companies dealing in animal-based products would never want you to see this, which is exactly why you should!

5. Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives might give you all the motivation you need to take the first step to a fully vegan diet. It is about the benefits of a vegan diet.

It features scientists, doctors, and real-life people who talk about the benefits of this diet, further validating why you should switch to a vegan diet.

According to Forks Over Knives, a vegan diet can help control and even eradicate diseases like cancer and diabetes.

It shares real experiences of real people who talk about how switching to a vegan diet has helped them transform their lives. If it can do wonders for them, why can’t it make a difference in your life?

6. The Ghosts In Our Machine

The Ghosts In Our Machine

The Ghosts In Our Machine revolves around the inspiring story of Jo Anne McArthur, an animal rights activist.

This documentary is made to showcase the struggles that she went through to educate the public about the brutality that animals are subjected to in the name of animal testing and farming.

The documentary is aimed at spreading her message across the masses that animals deserve to be treated with love and care similar to humans.

7. Live and let Live

Live And Let Live

A list of the best vegan documentaries cannot be complete without a mention of Live and let Live.

This vegan documentary features real people like butchers and animal farmers who have been in the industry but decided to go vegan.

They talk about the gruesome activities that they’ve been witness to that they wish they could un-see. This documentary also highlights the positive aspects of switching to a vegan diet.

The people who are featured in this documentary are now vegan athletes and animal rights activists.

8. Blackfish


Blackfish isn’t a typical vegan documentary that talks about why you should go vegan and what the benefits of a vegan diet are.

Instead, it sheds light on an aspect that is more often ignored or overlooked. Blackfish includes footages of the attacks of an Orca on people at marine parks. It highlights how keeping animals captive can have grave consequences.

Blackfish has footage of interviews of trainers that have worked with orcas. It is going to open your eyes to the other side of the story, and have your heart crying for animals that are kept in cages, away from their natural habitats.

9.  Called To Rescue

Called To Rescue

Are you looking for happy vegan documentaries that do not contain any heart-wrenching and bold content and are still powerful?

Called to Rescue should be your next watch. It is one of the most heart-warming vegan documentaries ever made. Filmed at 15 animal sanctuaries across the US, it includes footage of farm animals being their happy selves.

It showcases the tireless work of the staff at animal sanctuaries and all they do to give animals the happy and peaceful life that they deserve.

You will be delighted to see how the right animal treatment can affect their wellbeing. The message of this vegan documentary is sure to stay with you for a long time!

10. Eating Animals

Eating Animals

Eating Animals, as you can tell from the name, features the consequences of eating animals.

Featuring the vegan actress Natalie Portman, Eating Animals shows how animal agriculture has become a full-fledged industrial business and how it has led to negative environmental changes.

This documentary also looks into the health and economic issues that have arisen as a result of industrial animal farming.

11. The Game Changers

15 Vegan Documentaries Every Person Should Watch 1

The Game Changers is one of the most hyped vegan documentaries of all time.

It may not have you eating a plant-based diet by the time you finish the film, but we assure you of one thing – you’re never going to look at meat the same way again!

This documentary is directed by Louie Psihoyos, an Oscar-winning director, and produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, and James Cameron.

It delves into everything there is to know about meat and meat-based protein. It brings into the spotlight the athletic power that a vegan diet is packed with. Above all, it challenges the age-old myth that you need to eat meat for your daily intake of protein!

12. Vegan Everyday Stories

15 Vegan Documentaries Every Person Should Watch 2

You may read tens and hundreds of articles and blog posts on how beneficial a vegan diet can be. However, the impact that comes from hearing it from real people is unmatched.

Vegan Everyday Stories is just the vegan documentary you should watch. It features four real people, all from entirely different backgrounds who share one thing – their vegan lifestyle.

This documentary shares their experiences of how a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle has made their lives so much better!

13. Vegucated


If you’re looking for a vegan documentary that helps you with the transition from a meat-based diet to vegan, one bite at a time, Vegucated is what you should watch.

Vegucated is a vegan documentary that features three people who love meat and cheese. They were made to participate in a social experiment where they had to stay on a vegan diet for 6 weeks.

By the end of this experimental period, all of the three people decided to stay vegan for good! The story of real meat-loving people making at complete 180 in the food that they eat is just the motivation that you need to go vegan for good.

14. Eating You Alive

15 Vegan Documentaries Every Person Should Watch 3

If you feel overwhelmed by the seriousness of the content of vegan documentaries, Eating You Alive is one of the best options out there for you.

Eating You Alive is focused on highlighting the medical impact of the usual animal-based diet on people’s overall health.

Instead of using any scare tactics that are commonly seen in vegan documentaries, this particular documentary revolves around health and health alone.

15. The End of Meat

The End Of Meat

The End of Meat showcases the benefits of a vegan lifestyle in an extremely unique way. This vegan documentary features a post-meat world, where nobody eats meat.

Instead of directly talking about why a meat-based diet is bad for your health and the world and how the vegan diet is beneficial, this documentary shows the possibilities that omitting animal-based food from your diet comes with.

If you want to know how a world where nobody eats meat would look like to humans, animals, and the planet, The End of Meat is what you should watch.


Switching to a vegan lifestyle is not easy, but it is definitely worth the struggle. Going vegan is not only extremely beneficial for your health, but it is good for the environment as well.

With growing awareness of how the climate is changing globally and the contribution of human beings in the matter, it’s no surprise that such a significant percentage of people all around the world are turning vegan!

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