Do Vegans Eat Eggs?

Do vegan eat eggs

The answer to this question may seem obvious at first and some non-vegans may say that it’s downright ridiculous.

If it comes from an animal, it’s not yours to consume, right? Right.

So that means that breakfast scrambles, fluffy pancakes, and cheesy omelettes are all off the table, right? Wrong!

Being vegan doesn’t mean missing out on all the foods you used to love, it means making more ethical and responsible choices about the ways in which we consume them. Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to satisfy that eggy craving in a morally conscious (and delicious) way. 


This is probably the first thing that will come up in any search results for vegan egg replacements and there’s a good reason why. When combined with water in the right quantities, this natural superfood turns into a lovely, gelatinous little pile of sludge which very closely mimics the texture of an egg. Used alongside your favourite milk substitute, this mealy mix is great for baking up all your favourite tasty treats. 

Do Vegans Eat Eggs

How to use: 

Combine 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed with 3 tbsps of water and refrigerate for up to 15 minutes to reach desired consistency. Use as you would use eggs in any baking recipes. 

Chia Seeds

For those who know the wonderful health benefits of chia seeds, this will already be a staple in your diet. Delivering bulk nutrients at minimal calories, these little seeds are known for their large list of health benefits. They also come in very handy when you realise your Nanna’s famous cake recipe calls for eggs. Anybody who has ever had a chia seed pudding knows that their texture changes dramatically when they come in contact with liquid. Perfect for all your egg-free baking needs!

Vegans Eat Eggs

How to use: 

Combine 1 tbsp of chia seeds with 3 tbsps of water and let sit for 5 minutes until thick and gelatinous. Use as you would use eggs in any baking recipes. 


Do you ever wake up on a Sunday morning with a mean craving for some sweet, fluffy, golden pancakes dripping in maple syrup? Have no fear because vegan banana pancakes are as good as, if not better than their eggy counterparts.

Do Vegans Eat Eggs? 1

Nature’s own little energy hit will ensure your baking stays super moist and delicious. Just keep in mind that whatever you bake will taste slightly of banana, so keep this one for the recipes where the flavours are complimentary. 

How to use:

This one is very easy! 1 banana = 1 egg. Just mash it up and you’re good to go.

You can also substitute other mashed fruit and vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin or even avocado! However, for most baking the flavour of banana is more commonly suited. 

Apple Sauce

This is a very popular option when it comes to using fruit or vegetable purees. Using unsweetened applesauce provides a more neutral flavour than other purees, however, it will still add a level of sweetness, so it is best used in desserts and sweeter dishes.

If used in recipes with a strong flavour like chocolate, it’s virtually undetectable. 

Do Vegans Eat Eggs? 2

How to use:

Use ¼ cup of applesauce to replace 1 egg. Sometimes using applesauce can cause a slightly denser result, therefore when making things like muffins or cakes, supplement the applesauce with ½ tsp of baking powder to keep your baking light and fluffy, just the way we like it! 


The ever faithful, oh so flexible, often underrated, vegan hero that is tofu.

Often when people think of tofu, their faces screw up in disgust, including some vegans. What people often don’t realise is that tofu doesn’t have to be that flavourless, gelatinous, chunk of sludge that you get served at restaurants that have no idea how to put together a decent vegan meal.

Do Vegans Eat Eggs? 3

Tofu is actually a great conduite for flavour and it’s texture depends entirely on your treatment of it. But we’ll get into the full joys of tofu another time.

This one’s all about eggs and, surprise, surprise; tofu is here to help in this category too. Tofu should be a staple on any vegan’s breakfast plate, turning into a delicious alternative to scrambled eggs and even a mean omelette. Anyone missing that big breakfast vibe needs to give this a try!

How to use:

For scrambled ‘eggs’ crumble a block of firm tofu into desired texture. Season with salt, pepper and turmeric (for colour) and cook over high heat. So easy! 

You can use tofu in plenty of other eggy recipes too. Just blitz ¼ cup of silken tofu to replace 1 egg in quiches, custards, even a slab of ‘egg’ for your breakfast sandwich. Just make sure you always season well!

Check out this great recipe for a delicious vegan omelette for our friend The Edgy Veg below!

Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg

This one is a hugely popular option when it comes to egg replacement.

This super versatile product comes in a cute little egg carton, giving the feel of real eggs but it actually comes in a powder sachet inside the carton. This VeganEgg has been touted as a bit of an all-rounder, popular for scrambling, baking or pretty much anything else your little vegan heart desires. If you haven’t checked out Follow Your Heart’s products yet, then finish this blog and get yourself over to their website.

Do Vegans Eat Eggs? 4

They are a one-stop shop for all your vegan egg and dairy needs. 

How to use: 

This is an easy one. Follow the instructions on the packaging! 

Seriously, this VeganEgg can be used for ANYTHING.

I’ve seen it used in ‘egg’ cups, quiches, pies, scrambles, french toast, crepes, and even meringues! There really is nothing it can’t do. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

Kala Namak

Okay, so we’ve got all your baking, cooking and scrambling needs covered, but what about that delicious, gooey, runny egg yolk to dip your toast in. What if I told you it’s entirely possible AND super easy to recreate.

It all comes down to a lovely little rock called Kala Namak. Also known as Himalayan Black Salt, it’s a sort of rock salt found in South East Asia, whose pungent, sulphurous flavour is remarkably similar to that off, you guessed it; eggs! You can use Kala Namak to season any dish that you want to boost the eggy flavour of, taking your breakfast plate to the next level. 

Do Vegans Eat Eggs? 5

How to use:

The simple answer is, however you like! Season until your heart’s content! Just remember, the more salt, the eggier the flavour.  So take it easy at the start and taste as you go.

If you want to get really creative you can even make a whole fried egg with our old friend tofu. Blend ¼ cup of silken tofu, season well with Kala Namak and anything else you desire and fit into an egg ring, depositing your lovely runny yolk in the middle.

For a different texture option, cut a 1cm slice of extra firm tofu, cut shape with an egg ring, season, fry and add your lovely yolk. The breakfast game has changed forever.

For an awesome runny yolk to satisfy all your dipping needs check out Sweet Vegan Vibes’ recipe.


For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Aquafaba is the liquid runoff that comes with a can of chickpeas. For all of you who have just been draining it off down the sink, STOP THAT NOW. This stuff is surprisingly useful and lasts for up to a week in the fridge but also freezes really well. Just put it off into an ice tray to freeze in convenient little cubes. It doesn’t look like much in the can, but this miracle liquid has so many uses. 

Do Vegans Eat Eggs? 6

How to use:

Apply a hand beater to this murky, chickpea juice and watch the transformation.

Aquafaba can be whipped up in just the same way as eggs, leaving the door wide open for meringues, marshmallows and even tasty cocktails.

When used in baking 3tbsp of aquafaba can be used to replace 1 egg, but if you’re whipping it up just use 2 tbsp to replace 1 egg white. Place ½ a shot of Aquafaba in your cocktail shaker with 2 shots of Amaretto, 1 shot of lemon juice and a dash of Angostura bitters and shake well for a creamy, frothy Amaretto Sour.

The opportunities are endless! 

Anything You Can Eat, I Can Eat Vegan!

So I guess this answers the question, do vegans eat eggs, right? While eggs themselves might be off the table, all the delicious foods, drinks and recipes that come with them certainly aren’t. With all the amazing options available to us, being vegan no longer means missing out. Now I’m off to make myself some french toast and an Amaretto Sour. 

Happy cooking!

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