The 11 Trendiest Vegan Products In 2020

When you are on a diet, you need some handy gadgets in the kitchen to make your diet journey a little less painful.

When you are on a vegan diet, the hassle doubles.

You need to think about balancing your nutrition and prepare delicious food that not only appeals to you but also would be acceptable by your family. If you are alone trying the diet, even then you need to be well aware of the tips and tricks available to make your veganism hassle-free.

You cannot go and buy every single vegan food products out there. Let’s be real, there are numerous companies that would want to sell their product. They would make a fantastic story where you would be lured into buying all the hundred or thousand products that promise to make veganism easy! But let’s not get bankrupted and sort out the best vegan products you actually need in 2020. 

I have accumulated a list of 2020’s trendiest and most handy vegan food products. I have explained why I like them in detail. Be attentive and see if you can also benefit from these handy vegan products.

Ice Cream Innovations

Ice cream is one such food that not only kids but also adults can’t live without.

Even when you are doing a low carb diet or a vegan diet, your ice cream craving is on point!

So with the increasing requirement of vegan ice cream, many companies and restaurants have introduced vegan ice cream that tastes just the same if not better than the dairy ice creams out there.

If you live in the USA, you must try Eclipse Food’s ice cream innovations. Their innovative vegan ice creams are creamier than the dairy-based ice cream. The raving reviews from customers also say the same. They use ingredients like oats, corn, cassava, potato, canola oil, water, and cane sugar. 

Eclipse Food ice cream innovations

Vegan Jerky

If you like jerky you know how addictive it is.

When you go vegan, you will have a hard time forgetting the taste of jerky. With the increasing demand for vegan food, chefs have invented vegan jerky.

You will find different company’s vegan jerky-like Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Leaf Jerky, Akua Kelp Jerky, and Jack and Friend Jerky.

The 11 Trendiest Vegan Products In 2020 1

This is one vegan meat product anyone would love as a snack. The packing is convenient to carry in your bag. So when you are outside and feeling hungry, instead of eating any other junk, you can munch on these vegan snacks. 

Seed and Nut

Peanut butter is already vegan and coconut butter, almond butter or cashew butter was there for a long time to cater to the vegans. But in 2020, you will see the emergence of seed and nut butter.

Seeds and nuts are very nutritious and they carry good health value for our body and skin. They supply good fat and protein to our body. If you have not tried any seed and nut butter on your bread before, grab one and see how delicious it is!

Some people are allergic to peanuts, so they cannot have regular peanut butter or almond butter. For them, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, watermelon seed butter is a great option. Below are your available options:

88 Acres, Pumpkin Seed Butter Jar, 14 Ounce
397 g
88 Acres, Watermelon Seed Butter Jar
397 g
Beyond the Equator 5 Seed Butter Unsweetened- Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, No Added Sugar, Sunflower Seed, Chia Seed, Flaxseed, Pumpkin Seed, Hemp Hearts, Low Carb, Keto, Non-GMO, 1 Pack, 16 Ounces
454 g
Living Tree Organic Raw Brazil Nut Butter | No Added Sugar, Gluten-Free, Nut Butter - 16 Ounce
314 g

Fish (Banana Blossom) and Chips 

Some of us love the texture and the combination of fish and chips. It is a British dish but it has become world-famous for its simplicity and flavor profile. But when you are on a vegan diet you cannot really make this with fish.

So how to substitute fish in your very favorite meal, fish, and chips?

Try Banana Blossoms! Most Asians would know the taste of banana blossoms but it is not widely cultivated around the world.

banana blossom

The good news is, the canned banana blossom is available around the world. You will be blown away how similar the fish and chips made with banana blossoms taste like! The texture is flaky, dense and delicious. I would say it is one of the best vegan products for any fish lover. 

Ruby Latte

If you like Latte you will love this earthy and ruby tinted beverage.

For the ruby tint, beet powder is used. It adds both sweetness and gorgeous color. Beet powder is available on Amazon. Just search with the keyword, vegan protein powder amazon and you will see many good options to choose from.

Starting your day with a latte like this can get you covered for a long time in terms of nutrition. These protein powders are usually filled with iron, potassium, Vitamin C, folate, etc. Combine this Ruby Latte with Oat milk. Add 1 tsp of honey if you prefer it to be extra sweet.

This is particularly essential when you do sports as well.

Vegan Meal

If you are a busy person and cannot afford to invest time in the kitchen, then these convenient vegan food products are made for you!

You need to heat it up in the microwave for only a few minutes according to the direction of the products and then you are good to go.

These meals are not too costly, so they will not be rough on your wallet.

You can enjoy Alpha FoodsHandheld Pot Pie and their All Day Burritos.

All Day Burritos

You can order from Veg Ready where they offer personalized meals. They also offer ready to eat meals, meaning you will not have to heat it up in the micro oven.

MozzaRisella has its Organic Veg Lasagna to offer. MozzaRisella also has its Organic Mac and Cheese and their delicious Organic Tagliatelle with Mushrooms.

Veg Lasagna

These meals are high-quality restaurant dishes that you will receive in a package for a very reasonable price. It will not be wise for a vegan to miss out on this 2020. 


Being vegan you cannot even wrap your head around the idea that you will consume anything to do with chicken! But can you resist it when the chicken comes to you in a plant-based form?

The answer is probably, NO!

Last year AKA in 2019 the rise of vegan burger took place. But 2020 is all about welcoming vegan chicken.

Vegan chicken-based food is available in food joints like KFC and A&W but if you like your homemade food, then the wisest thing to do is get packaged vegan chicken. Then you can experiment as much as you like in the kitchen.

Beyond Fried Chicken

You can make nuggets, deep fry it or even add it to your fried rice if you like. The options are unlimited here!

Vegan Eggs

Yes, 2020 is a glorious year for the vegans. You will have your very own vegan eggs with which you can make scrambles, quiche and even fry it.

No, this is no scam; it is not tofu in disguise of eggs!

You will see vegan eggs in a brand like JUST and in Fellow your Heart! They are revolutionizing vegan eggs and making it easy for vegans to enjoy food without compromising on their diet.

JUST Vegan eggs

Vegan eggs are currently available in USA but with the trending necessity of veganism, more countries will not be far behind to have their stores filled with vegan eggs. 

Vegan Cheese

Cheese is an essential fat you do want in your everyday menu.

So many recipes call for cheese and it is rather unfortunate that you have to give up on cheese in a vegan diet.

The good news is there is vegan cheese.

If you love cheese then you will love the variations of vegan cheese in 2020.

Vegan cheese

From regular vegan brie, gouda, cheddar, and cream cheese you will also see ground dry cheese, crumbly feta cheese. Do not have the misconception that it will taste bad, in fact, it may even taste better than the dairy-based cheese and it contains better health value. So minus the side effect and plus the nutrition and taste. 

Vegan Chocolate

People love chocolate and it does not matter what age we are!

We always tend to crave for a bite of chocolate in the middle of our break, or after our dinner.

Dairy-free chocolate is a trending vegan food product in 2020. As people are going vegan more and more these days, different companies come up with unique vegan chocolate that would meet everyone’s taste.

Vegan Chocolate

You can eat it as it is or use it to make baked goods. You will not find the difference between the tastes at all. This is good news for people who love and cannot survive without chocolate but are on a vegan diet.   

Vegan Bean Products

A vegan diet relies on beans for a lot of things. From yogurt too, eggs, to meat from fava beans have been a favorite vegan food trend for the vegan dieters.

In 2020, you will see the use of beans being expanded on a larger scale. This is due to the large need for vegan dieters.

Vegan Bean products

Earlier, only a few restaurants or fast food joints had vegan options but in 2020 you will find most of the food courts with a delicious vegan menu. 

I hope that you enjoyed this list of the most trendy Vegan products we have compiled for you.